Episode 9: Tickets Glorious Tickets According to Us

Experimental Episode #2 (see “Ep 7: The Principle of Immediacy According to Us” for our first experimental auditory adventure)! Stever records his OMG Sale ticket purchase process and the considerations to make therein. He also discusses how his local regional Burn, Firefly, handles ticketing. Evan wasn’t present during this recording, so he records his reaction upon hearing Stever’s full recording. We connect some of our ticketing talk back to “Ep 5: The Principle of Radical Inclusion According to Us and Random” and how ticketing can impact who is able to come to Black Rock City. Who knew there could be different ways to engineer ticket sales? What’s a fair way to do it? Should those who “participate” the most be assured tickets? And how does a ticketing system connect to voting systems? All the philosophical questions aside, if you’re planning on going to the Burn, ya gonna need a ticket…

Recorded: 31 Jul 2019 and 9 Apr 2020

UPDATE: Literally the day after Evan’s separate recording, on April 10th, Burning Man Project announced it was cancelling building Black Rock City this year – 2020 – due to the Coronavirus Global Pandemic. The “Multiverse” theme for this year is instead moving…online, all virtually, and all are invited to contribute and attend…This is all happening on-the-fly. No ticketing procedures have been announced yet, but with >90% of Burning Man Project revenue from Ticket Sales, they are actively seeking donations to help weather this year…stay tuned…

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It’s just according to us disclaimer: We are not a part of the official Burning Man Project 501(c)3 nor Burning Man Organization and so we don’t represent this larger legal structure and institution. The opinions are solely our own as merely two individual participants among a city of 70,000+ and a community of way, way more. You know…it’s just according to us…

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