Episode 6: The Principle of Civic Responsibility According to Us

Black. Rock. CITY. Part of the whole point of Burning Man is this dynamic civic life that spawns once a year in the desert. Part of the whole point of the Burning Man Project and its extended community and culture is to bring that dynamic civic life back into local communities. So how might we be responsible citizens of Black Rock City and our home communities? Why, the principle of Civic Responsibility might just have some clues, and its enshrinement as a principle means we (well…most of us?) try to take our citizenship seriously and recognize we’re part of something bigger, and that no, Burning Man is not just made for “you.” It’s made by “us.”

We cover a lot from the Latte Carpenters and Cacophony Society of Burning Man yesterdecades, to Adam Smith’s desire for rules amidst liberties, how Safety Third is fun but not completely accurate, and the stellar civic service of the Lost & Found Team. We also touch briefly on the role of various state and local agencies like the Bureau of Land Management, who have jurisdiction over Black Rock City (in the Black Rock Desert), and talk about how Black Rock Rangers are a unique facet of civic life and the community. Stever brings up those damn “darkwads” again and we discuss the inherent tension between the individual and the collective. This ain’t no “free-for-all” – this is Civic Responsibility.

Recorded: 27 Mar 2019

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It’s just according to us disclaimer: We are not a part of the official Burning Man Project 501(c)3 nor Burning Man Organization and so we don’t represent this larger legal structure and institution. The opinions are solely our own as merely two individual participants among a city of 70,000+ and a community of way, way more. You know…it’s just according to us…


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