Episode 3: The Principle of Decommodification According to Us

Commodification – the act of making something packaged, sellable, and exchangeable. In our global economic system there’s a lot of this. Like a lot a lot. Like the growth of the global economy seemingly depends on this. Like even the listen data on this podcast are probably getting commodified right now by whatever app you’re using into something that can be bought and sold to help “better” market to you…

SO – let’s do the opposite of all that and DEcommodify! That’s right, decommodification is one of the Burning Man Project’s 10 Principles and we’re going to jump straight into it. Hear us consider how this idea plays out on-playa and off. We talk about swimsuit copyrights, fishing net innovations, cerano-de-burgeac-esque costuming, discuss plug-&-play camps, family picnics, and more! How does this fit in with “you” – yes “you” and also “you” – and how does decommodification help make Burning Man…well…Burning Man?

Recorded: 12 Dec 2018

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It’s just according to us disclaimer: We are not a part of the official Burning Man Project 501(c)3 nor Burning Man Organization and so we don’t represent this larger legal structure and institution. The opinions are solely our own as merely two individual participants among a city of 70,000+ and a community of way, way more. You know…it’s just according to us…

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