Episode 2: Definitions According to Us

In a desert, it helps to orient yourself so you can get a sense of what’s what, and where’s where: North, South, East, West – Sun, Shade, Water, Places to go to the bathroom. Here we orient our podcasting journey by laying out some definitions of words you may have heard being used to describe Burning Man.

Is it a “city”?

Is it a “festival”?

Is it an “intentional community”

Is it a “playground”?

We also talk about Burning Man culture at-large, what it means to be in a transient, temporary “city”, and read the definitions of the 10 Principles. These cultural Principles emerged from the Burning Man Project after 18 years of it just being a thing that people made happen. Join us for this episode as we try to be a little more nuanced and discursive than “thing that people make happen.”

Recorded: 14 Nov 2018

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It’s just according to us disclaimer: We are not a part of the official Burning Man Project 501(c)3 nor Burning Man Organization and so we don’t represent this larger legal structure and institution. The opinions are solely our own as merely two individual participants among a city of 70,000+ and a community of way, way more. You know…it’s just according to us…

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