Episode 14: Virtual Burn Week v2.0.21!

2021. The Great Unknown Question…Can the Burner Culture survive a second year of going online, with no seminal, ritual event in-person? This is the week to find out! It is officially Burn Week, and Evan and Stever recommend everyone who reads and listens to this to jump online into one of six virtual worlds available to you. It’s never been easier to get a taste of the Burn if you’ve always been curious! But will any virtual world be enough to keep the Culture-at-large going two years in a row? There are a few people who are still making their way out to the Black Rock Desert this year, but it’s not an officially sanctioned event, and won’t have the same support and infrastructure as the “official” event. So what does this mean for Burner Culture? What’s it all about to have a physical place and time to go to create something together? And how might art projects be impacted by this? What does it mean to bring Art to an online venue vs a real-world venue?

Lastly, let us know if you’ll be checking out any of the worlds, and perhaps we’ll see you there!

Recorded: 22 Aug 2021

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