Episode 1: Introductions According To Us

Two humans stumble across each other in a desert.

Two hours of conversation later, they decide to create a podcast.

The desert is home to Black Rock City and Burning Man. The humans are Stever Robbins and Evan Shulman. The podcast is their attempt to explain and explore what exactly Burning Man is...according to them anyways. So whether you've never been but have been curious about it, or are a veteran Burner who wants to say "no that's not what it's about at all" - join us in exploring this phenomenon! We're excited to have you here with us on the auditory playa.

Recorded: 07 Nov 2018 

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It's just according to us disclaimer: We are not a part of the official Burning Man Project 501(c)3 nor Burning Man Organization and so we don't represent this larger legal structure and institution. The opinions are solely our own as merely two individual participants among a city of 70,000+ and a community of way, way more. You know...it's just according to us...

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